What doesn’t kill you…and other hurdles

My family have all headed home and most people I know have already gone back to work. I am due back to work next Thursday and I am SO nervous about it. I am convinced I have forgotten everything. I know that won’t be true really, but I the part about being nervous is very real. What will I do when I feel rubbish for the first hour after taking my meds? Probably stuff myself with biscuits and tea.

In 2005 after my recovery from melanoma the first time, I didn’t have a job to return to. I started temp work in Dublin and was lucky enough to get two great temp jobs who both offered me permanent contracts. The first job was in city centre and, whilst it was a great job, I remember being shocked to over hear myself being described as the blonde one with a limp. What? Sure, the ‘English’ blonde, or the blonde who wears cat broaches and likes to party – but with a limp? I decided that job wasn’t for me and headed off to work in the management suite of Dundrum Town Centre. For any of you that have been there, you will know this is retail heaven with a bonus of dancing fountains. If you’ve never been – make sure you visit when you go to Dublin. Sit outside by the fountains, drink in the atmosphere (and the wine obv) and fill up on Chinese or Italian food. Yep, it was a disaster for both my wallet and my waistline, but it was literally the best job I ever had.

Thinking of that reminded me that, at the time, my favourite song was Suddenly I see by K T Tunstall. It’s a great song for boosting a happy mood.

When I went back to work after my hysterectomy, my favourite song then was A Thousand Years by Christine Perri ( I know, secret Twilight Fan).

This time around it’s been a Christmas song – I’ll Be Home by Meghan Trainor. Not only is it a great one to sing loud on your own, it’s also had me in tears a few times, thinking that I might not have seen Christmas if this had happened even ten years ago.

But, and here is the truthful part, whilst I know how lucky I’ve been, does that mean it’s all over when I go back to work? No more excuses not to make tea because I am ‘off sick actually’?? Will ‘I’m taking lots of meds’ still work for this?

I found this picture and, whilst I know my niece hates all those motivational quotes, I thought this was quite apt.

I hope my blog makes you smile a bit and, even better, think about your skin and the consequences of burning it in the sun. But most of all I hope it can help someone following on the same journey.

I have nine more months to go on immunotherapy with numerous scans and I will keep blogging my experience. I hope you will travel the journey with me.

Published by rogersmum

I live in Co Kerry, Ireland with my partner, Paul. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer in 2019. This blog is about my journey through Immunotherapy - the ups & the downs

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