Change of plan

Today I was due to return to work. I should’ve been sitting at my desk trying to remember passwords and what on earth I do for a living. I should’ve been catching up with everyone’s lives, hearing all their news – on my break of course. It hasn’t played out like that.

Went to see my GP for a renewal prescription and to get my ‘fit note’. That old devil called Blood Pressure had zoomed up AND to add to the mix, my wound site was extremely tender, where it hasn’t been before.

This delightful cocktail of events led the GP to decide he wasn’t happy signing me back into work until I’ve seen the consultant in a couple of weeks tine.

I know he is being cautious and for that I am extremely grateful to him. But I had geared myself up to be back in the real world. It’s such a weird thing isn’t it? When you’re at work you think a bit of time off would be amazing. As soon as you’re off for any time, you start to feel guilty about the whole thing!

Of course, there is a rumour that Rog, Ginger Prince himself, contacted the GP and threatened him with sharpened claws so that I have to stay home. Who else is going to wait on him all day?

I have to confess this set back has got me down a little bit this week. But I’ve given myself yet another talking to today, been out for a walk in the fresh air and remembered to fight this thing all the way.

Published by rogersmum

I live in Co Kerry, Ireland with my partner, Paul. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer in 2019. This blog is about my journey through Immunotherapy - the ups & the downs

3 thoughts on “Change of plan

  1. That’s a real shame Rach and I would definitely suspect the Ginger Prince!! However, a small price to pay to make sure you are at your very best when you go back to work – keep positive gorgeous! xx

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  2. Rachel it must be a disappointment for you and I agree Roger might well have been the saboteur he has had your undivided attention after all !
    Keep the faith and your shining positivity will get you through lovely
    Lady. Big love & Hugs xxxx

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  3. I know what you mean about returning to work mind set positive then wham all change again it’s hard to deal with so take care hope everything sorts itself out soon xxxx

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