Breathe in….and hold

This morning a parcel arrived through the door. A late Christmas present? A get well soon gift? Nope, the new compression garment from the physio. Yes, dear reader, this is my life right now!

I was only musing on this with my friend as we swapped soup recipes on WhatsApp. We used to talk gossip, boys, the million pound game (anyone who has ever worked with me is forced into that one) but now it’s soup recipes! What on earth has happened??

Anyhoo, as promised, the physio has sent my new compression garment to save me a trip to Cork. The previous one, you may recall, was like a super thick toe-less hold up stocking. I was finding this made my toes swell and also stopped just on the swelling on my thigh. Lymphedema, the gift that keeps on giving.

So this new little beauty is exactly like a pair of tights. It’s made-to-measure for me. It’s still super thick and all my nails are broken from trying to pull the damn thing on. BUT, oh my word, the relief it gives is amazing.

It’s hard to describe how lymphedema feels other than it makes your leg feel like a lead weight. My thigh isn’t numb as such, but it’s like pressing into a cushion – very squishy.

The other leg of the ‘tights’ is cut off on my thigh – like a pair of cycling shorts (not that I ever owned any of those!). There won’t be any photos, that’s a promise.

As I manoeuvred myself into this sexy little garment I genuinely had to stop and have a laugh. Imagine if I was single? Or in a new romance? Just one moment while I take 10 minutes to remove this pair of half tights?? Talk about killing the moment!

I would have to think up an exotic story – melanoma isn’t much of a chat up line to be honest. As I told you before, I used to tell kids on holiday that my scar was from a shark bite.

Once, at a water park in Turkey, I was standing at the top of a slide waiting my turn with my brother-in-law. Just as our turn came, the operator guy asked me what had happened to my leg. My brother-in-law said it was from an accident on a water slide! His face fell and the people behind us gasped. We zoomed off on the slide – well that’s a bit of a lie. He zoomed, I edged down until it was too late and I had to slide. Adventure is not my strong point!!

I’ll let you know how I get on with the new garment in the next few weeks.

I wasn’t sure what photo to put in today but Apple suggested I might like to listen to Kylie this morning. She’s fine, I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan, but it’s always good mood music so why not? Then I listened to the lyrics of Dancing. They are so appropriate – can’t stand still, wanna go out dancing. I really like the next bit…

Brilliant lyrics

Going to sit down and do some planning for some dancing with my girlies in 2020.

Published by rogersmum

I live in Co Kerry, Ireland with my partner, Paul. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer in 2019. This blog is about my journey through Immunotherapy - the ups & the downs

4 thoughts on “Breathe in….and hold

  1. Oh Yey – bring on the dancing queens! and it is not just people you work with that have been forced to play the million pound game but newly weds too 😆 I have a mental picture of you putting the tights on – hilarious!!

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  2. Hi sweetheart…I’ve finally got up to date with your blogs….just brilliant lady!!! Such strength, determination & what an inspiration you are….I am in awe!!! I’ve finally got round to investing in a new laptop yesterday so I can pick my blog up again. Once I have got it up & running today I will start blogging myself. Keep fighting, stay positive & keep smiling swwetheart… are an absolute star & a treasure!! Sending much love & hugs 💗💗💗😘😘😘

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