Cocooning, shielding – call it what you will

I’ve been struggling to think what to talk about, hence the lack of blogs, but I see that people are still looking back on old blogs so I thought I’d better check in.

Since my last blog, I was due to have my usual clinic appointment at CUH but, obviously, that couldn’t go ahead. But I did need my bloods to be checked. For this I would have to risk a trip to my GP.

With everything going on, I haven’t ventured further than the end of my road for weeks now and it felt really weird to even drive the car. OH has been driving it constantly and I had to do a swift switch of music. I kid you not, he had been playing a Christmas CD.

The fantastic GP receptionist had asked me to ring her when I got to the back door. She was fully masked & gloved up and ushered me into an empty office. Next thing, the nurse arrived in – obviously masked & gloved – and had that needle in my pathetic vein before it had time to argue. I was in & out in less than 15 minutes. I felt like the Man from Uncle!

I’ve not heard anything subsequently, so I have to assume all is well. More good news – my blood pressure is levelling out at 118/78. Either my body is finally getting used to Mr T & Mr M or I really liked being smuggled in & out of the doctors!

OH has become my personal shopper and, whilst he takes this mostly in good part, it does mean I have to confess when the wine/mini eggs/hobnobs have run out. It also means there is an increase in fruit, veg, gluten free bread and bizarre fruit juices in the house. I suppose he has to be given brownie points for trying.

On a serious note, I am incredibly grateful to be living with someone who can do these things for me. It must be so difficult for those living alone to have to ask for help now. It would be far too foolish to risk a supermarket. The people we are seeing in the news, not heeding Social Distancing, are being so selfish. As I said before, we might not look poorly but here is the practical truth of it. There is a triage in place and if I was to catch the virus and require hospitalisation, a lack of ventilators would mean a doctor would have to make a choice to give that ventilator to me with a much shorter life expectancy or to someone without my medical history. These are the things you need to keep in your head.

I always worry on these blogs that I will tell you the same story a second time & if I go back to read old ones I get distracted and don’t post a new one, so I’m hoping I’ve not told you this little dip into my past.

OH reminded me of this as I was trying to persuade him to buy me the newly produced Apple Jameson Whiskey. I really am quite partial to a whiskey and don’t like it mixed with anything other than a couple of ice cubes and a roaring fire.

We visited the Jameson Distillery in Dublin with a group of friends visiting us from Yorkshire. I think it’s moved venues now, but still worth a visit when we’re all out of lockdown.

At the end of the visit you go to a tasting session where you can volunteer to taste six different whiskeys & bourbons. Obviously I stuck my hand up. Myself and about 5 other tourists were selected and we sat down at a bench table with an A4 piece of paper in front of us. There was six different shot glasses. The tour guide talked us through each one and asked us to taste them.

At the end, she asked us to put our favourite into the circle in the middle of the sheet. Only when I looked around at the other ‘tasters’ did I realise that you were only supposed to taste each drink. I had drunk them all.

I had nothing to put in the middle circle! The American lady next to me supplied one of her bourbons so that I had a middle drink. Then the tour guide said ok, go ahead and drink that one…..

Dear Reader, it was only when I went to the toilet in the pub next door that I realised just how drunk I was. I pushed open the door and apologised to the lady behind the door. Except it wasn’t another person, it was a mirror and I was apologising to my reflection. Three ladies at the basins sniggered quietly at me.

That’s me done for today but let me finish by saying please don’t feel alone or afraid on your own right now. I am only sitting at home, so if you want to message me here, on Facebook or Twitter, please do. I will respond and maybe make you smile about something.

Take care & stay well. Here is a little photo for your pleasure – the wonders of Snap Chat, covers up the teenage acne!

Published by rogersmum

I live in Co Kerry, Ireland with my partner, Paul. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer in 2019. This blog is about my journey through Immunotherapy - the ups & the downs

2 thoughts on “Cocooning, shielding – call it what you will

  1. Once many moons ago I got drunk on port I fell over on our way out the dance hall of a miners club. Don’t ask how we got in as that’s a long story😂. I apologised to a lamp post I had walked into and asked if it was okay. I then lost my stiletto heeled shoe and apparently was walking lop sided bitterly complaining about the uneven pavement😂

    My late hubby loved whiskey but it gave him a terrible cough but he thought it made him look sophisticated, it didn’t as he acted stupid after a couple of glasses.

    Your blogs are so brilliant you have made my day reading it, stay safe Rachel and ask OH to get you some nice goodies when he goes shopping love and hugs xox.

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  2. Sooo funny – the effects of what I think is just a couple of drinks hits me when I get outside – I remember going to a pub in London after a training day and heading to the Underground with a friend who luckily kept me upright as I tried to fight with the escalator which I was convinced was going the wrong way?! Hilarious Rach – big smile on my face and love the sparkly PPE xx

    Liked by 1 person

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