Spreading a little joy

Today I am spreading a little joy for those of us that are feeling a bit fed up, lonely or maybe just a bit wobbly because of everything going on around us at the moment.

That comes comes to you via my favourite pair of Converse. Here they are:

Obviously they are pretty fabulous in their own right without me saying anything else. These beauties have been all over with me – Canada, Greek Islands, Spain, not to mention most of Yorkshire and County Kerry.

But their fabulousness is not the reason they are bringing joy today.

Last April I started on this melanoma journey. It was the trip to my GP who subsequently sent me off to hospital to start on the whirl of biopsies, operations and immunotherapy.

Since then, I’ve not been able to wear my favourite converse. Firstly it was too difficult to bend down to do the laces and OH refused to tie them correctly (I had to be shown a few years ago the cool way to wear converse). Then, when I could finally bend down to tie them, my foot had swollen too much to get them on.

The joy I bring you today is that, thanks to compression garments and a bit of dedication, I am proudly sporting my favourite converse. They’ve taken me for my first walk in them for nearly nine months and I loved every minute of that walk.

In the big scheme of things, I know that this may seem very small. For me this is a huge victory. I’m returning to ‘normal’.

I am seeing a lot of ‘this soon will pass’ with regard to the virus. If you’re going through a tough time with treatment, or with any problem at the moment, remember it will get better. There was genuinely times last year when I thought I’d never be back to ‘normal’ and that ‘normal’ has still been altered as I will forever be on the wheel of check ups and scans now. But always congratulate yourself on your personal victories. Write a diary if it helps you remember and compare how you felt at your worst to how you feel today.

Enjoy your weekend and remind yourself how well you are doing.

Published by rogersmum

I live in Co Kerry, Ireland with my partner, Paul. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer in 2019. This blog is about my journey through Immunotherapy - the ups & the downs

2 thoughts on “Spreading a little joy

  1. The joy a pair of beloved shoes can bring – personally, I can’t wait to get into my ‘car to bar’ shoes (high heels to those not in the know)!! Not because they don’t fit but just that we can’t go anywhere to wear them! Love you blondie xx

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  2. Oh wow how fantastic to get into your Converse again, and even better to go a walk to your lake in them. After this lockdown is over I might have some trouble fitting into my clothes as eating everything in sight xox.

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