Scanxiety & International Women’s Day

Apologies it’s been so long since I’ve updated you – I worry I might bore you! But I had a few messages this week asking why I hadn’t blogged about International Women’s Day (IWD). So here I am!

If you’ve ever worked with me or been stuck with me for a while, you will know that I love IWD. Not because I’m a feminist or I’m anti men – far from it. But because I know how incredibly lucky we are to live in a part of the world where women can achieve so much. So many women in the world do not have that luxury – they have to hide their intelligence or their ambition. Every year I say the same, I am in awe of mothers – you are ALL amazing. I would’ve been a TERRIBLE mother! If you know how spoilt the two ginger kittens are, and the Ginger Prince before them, you will know I would’ve produced a ridiculously spoiled brood – but my love for my nieces, nephews, godchildren and friends’ children is unlimited.

So many of my friends fight a battle quietly every day – friends who are fighting for the right education for their child, friends who juggle front line work shifts with child care, friends with anxiety issues, friends with ongoing medical conditions, friends desperate to be pregnant – the list is endless – but each one of those amazing women always have time for a giggle with me or a listening ear. Without those women, I would be lost.

If you’re reading this and I’ve been remiss in contacting you – send me a kick up the backside text. It won’t be that I’ve not thought of you. Just life taking over and filling the spaces. But when you need me, I am here.

From a health point of view I am currently in the scanxiety zone. Next Monday I am off to CUH for a PET Scan. Regular readers will remember this is the one where I am radioactive afterwards. My brother maintains if I don’t glow in the dark after this one, I should demand a refund!

This scan should’ve happened in January and when I heard nothing I assumed there was a delay because of Covid. By February I thought I’d better check. Just as well I did as it transpired VHI had asked for further details but due to change in doctors, nobody had picked this up. After quite a bit of chasing up, I finally got the scan sorted. I tell you this, not as a criticism, but just to remind you that if something hasn’t happened that you know should have, please chase it up. Don’t assume it will come eventually, it might not. Keep chasing.

So it’s a PET Scan on Monday and a meeting with Guardian Angel Nurse on Friday. I’ve always been honest with you, dear reader, and apart from being occasionally exhausted, I think I’m pretty healthy. But on the run up to this scan, I can’t help but imagine all kinds of things – does this hurt, is that a new lump – all those helpful 2am thoughts.

My lymphoedema continues to give me a swollen lower left leg. In comparison to many people, it’s really not that bad, but a Prettiest Ankle competition is out of the question sadly. I am too much of a wimp to swim in the Atlantic in the freezing cold and I know this is affecting my leg. Keep your fingers crossed for some mild weather soon. I have a brave – or mad – friend who swims in the North Sea several times a week. The cold isn’t stopping her. I will try to channel her bravery soon.

I will tell you next week how the scan goes. Any suggestions for my two & a half hour concert-in-car set are always welcome – make them good singalongs please.

Finally, if you are struggling with anything this week, give yourself a massive pat on the back. You are amazing.

Waterville Beach – so lucky to live here

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I live in Co Kerry, Ireland with my partner, Paul. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer in 2019. This blog is about my journey through Immunotherapy - the ups & the downs

6 thoughts on “Scanxiety & International Women’s Day

  1. You are a wonderful writer Rachel and you will never bore us!
    Wishing you well for your scan and hope it helps put your mind at rest.
    You are an amazing woman too, always inspiring others, like I said to you earlier this week I still miss working with you but feel privileged to have you as a friend

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  2. So lucky to have an amazing woman like you as a friend – we are very lucky women in lots of ways, we have love, laughter, family and friendships in our lives – so precious xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for sharing. Good to hear your kindest words. Really helped today as family going through tough times. My sister is poorly at the mo 😊 Really helps reading this

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh Rachel I was waiting for your blog, good luck for your scan on Monday haven’t got a clue what music to play but whatever you decide on turn it up and sing your heart out 🎶
    Thank you for always being there to relay the antics of the kittens and cheer us up with their latest antics.

    Be thinking of you on Monday and a huge thank you for the videos of the sea, if I’m having a down day I play them and listen to the waves so a huge thank you xox

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