The Return of the Guardian Angel Nurse

I was going to save writing my update until Christmas Eve but I figured you might be looking for some cheering up after more Covid restriction announcements yesterday in the UK. You may recall I finished my immunotherapy meds in September and on my last oncology visit they referred me back to the fabulous ProfContinue reading “The Return of the Guardian Angel Nurse”

A hospital visit during a pandemic and when good news is a bit confusing

Living in a pretty remote part of Ireland means that lockdown and general pandemic chaos really hasn’t been so bad. Truth be told, it’s been very peaceful. The beach has been empty, so safe for me to venture out and OH has done all the shopping. Of course, there’s been down sides – yet moreContinue reading “A hospital visit during a pandemic and when good news is a bit confusing”

Me and the Ocean on World Ocean Day

Today is World Ocean Day. Those of you that have the dubious pleasure of working with me will know I love to mark a specific day – my fave still being International Women’s Day. But I’m quite happy to celebrate Pie Day, St David’s Day and Yorkshire Day – I’d merrily celebrate Martini Day butContinue reading “Me and the Ocean on World Ocean Day”

Good days, bad days and tribulations of the sea

Haven’t put ‘pen to paper’ for a few weeks & I thought I’d better catch up with you all. I’ve always tried to make this blog as positive and upbeat as possible but I am aware that a Pollyanna attitude can be annoying if you’re having a bad day. With that in mind I thoughtContinue reading “Good days, bad days and tribulations of the sea”